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Black Lace Up Corset Bra by Nearer the Moon

Black Lace Up Corset Bra by Nearer the Moon

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Espionne by Princesse Tam.Tam

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Saskia by Princesse Tam.Tam

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Malicieuse by Princesse Tam.Tam

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Eva by Princesse Tam.Tam

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Brigitte by Princesse Tam.Tam

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Espionne by Princesse Tam.Tam

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Photographed by Q. Oliver
Sony A7r + Nikon 50mm f/1.4 AIS

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Anonymous ASKED: you dont tag trigger warnings?



i always get shit when i talk about this but the reason i dont tag tw is bc

a) the term ‘trigger’ is meant to refer 2 those with PTSD those w severe anxiety and/or survivors of various forms of abuse it indicates an extreme reaction 2 certain stimulus like a panic attack/flashback/blackout caused by ur brain being unable to handle the resurgence of something horrific that happened to u 

b) with that being said, i dont post triggering content. i havent talked about serious triggering shit on this blog for a long time in fact i think the last time i tagged smth was when i reblogged this youtube video about domestic abuse probs like 6 months ago nowadays i just reblog pretty pictures and make fun of anons 

c) i get a thousand messages everyday from ppl suggesting i should tag shit like ‘spiders, ‘blood’, ‘feet’, ‘ghosts’, etc and it seriously pisses me off that u guys really believe ‘triggering’ equals ‘it makes me uncomfortable’ im not here to make tumblr a better place for u im not even getting paid man it’s ur responsibility to take care of yourself when it comes to these random ass ‘triggers’ if u cant see a gif of a ghost on ur dash you shouldn’t be online at all

d) in fact, ive come to the conclusion that demanding one of these lame ass trigger warnings it’s just a way 2 identify yourself as even more aware even more solicitous than the person who failed to ~adequately~ provide such a ridiculous warning. when i see ppl tagging ‘tw: spiders’ i cant help but think they are not demonstrating a sensitivity towards a topic but rather they just wanna be ‘seen’ doing so 2 demand that others ‘ought’ to do the same to validate one’s politics. this whole ’trigger’ business is less about protecting ppl from potentially re-traumatizing events and more 2 do with flagging up your right-on credentials even if it means silencing those who have actually gone through actual traumatizing events.

ok so. i unfollowed you because you reblogged this shitty ass post, but for whatever reason your posts are still showing up on my dashboard, and that’s irritating me to no end, so im going to say something. op and this entire post is a steaming pile of shit, and anyone who reblogs this without criticism has no idea what they’re talking about.

a) well, first of all, triggers can literally be anything. stepping away from the notion that you think being triggered always equals having some sort of attack/episode, its literally anything that can remind a person of a traumatic situation, anything that can trigger a phobia. i dont think that i can express this enough. the idea that triggers have to fit your criteria as sounding legitimate enough is very ableist.

b) i direct back to point a. they can be literally anything. and not necessarily cause an episode. they can cause a lingering feeling of nervousness, discomfort, nausea, all sorts of bad feelings. and you know what? you still tag that shit. just because you have such a limited idea of mental illness doesn’t mean that others should suffer for it. again, the fact that you think someone’s response to a trigger has to fit your specific criteria is ableist.

c) you literally don’t know why people want these things tagged tho. you’re assuming that they’re not legitimate because they sound ridiculous to you. what the fuck. “it’s ur responsibility to take care of yourself” that’s exactly what they’re doing by asking you to tag these things. what the entire fuck. these people get this same shit irl, people telling them ‘omg you cant handle x how do you even go outside??’. living with pstd, anxiety disorders, phobias, or just having triggers can make living extremely difficult, and at least on tumblr they can try to control it by asking people to tag things.

d)i wouldnt wipe my ass with this last, entire chunk of text if i had the runs. you act like you’re some ‘lone noble voice standing up to all the bullshit’ but you really dont give a fuck about anyone with mental illnesses, and you’re using them as an excuse not to tag for triggers because you’re an asshole, plain and simple. you cant be assed to understand the illnesses you listed past shit you probably see on tv, and are using it to invalidate people who actually suffer from them. even then, a person could not have any kind of phobia, mental illness, or whatever, and just don’t like to see spiders. they’re perfectly within their right to ask you to tag it, and you’re a dick if you dont, bc its just a matter of making life a little easier for people, you know? it’s not even that fucking difficult, you ridiculous flaming piece of dick

I sincerely hope all those notes come from people reblogging it with some kind of criticism. I don’t see how being sensitive could be anything to be ashamed of, and I don’t understand why people get so pissed off when asked not to be inconsiderate assholes. Have you ever heard of courtesy? of kindness? Is taking 5 seconds of your life to tag stuffs really that hard? Is the idea of avoiding people to feel uncomfortable or worst that unbearable to you? 

If you want me to tag/trigger warn things, don’t be shy and ask me! I just want this blog to be a safe space.

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