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Bonjour my darlings, I’m internet deprived for 2 weeks and I’m running out of queue. So no update until I can get a wifi spot again, sorry :(

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tinytinsparrow ASKED: I followed you a while ago because I'm a big lingerie lover myself! I've been compiling a wishlist from things you've posted. However, I recently got fitted for the first time and found out my size went from a 36C to a 34DD (which is why it's important to get professionally fitted whew). I checked my list again and found that it's much more difficult to find stuff in my proper size. Everything is beige. Can you give some recommendations?

First thing first, learn a bit about fitting by yourself to make sure that you have been properly fitted, because all professionals are not trustworthy.

Secondly, try looking on Asos, Figleaves, Herroom, Barenecessities and Journelle.

Thridly, I’m going to suggest some full bust brands (D-G+) but there is many more pretty stuffs in 34DD.

Everything you need is here :

Have also a look here :

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Anonymous ASKED: Different anon but I think it's also much more helpful to people who blacklist things to put it in the format of "body image tw" because of the way blacklisting works :)

Ok, i’ll do that then. I don’t use blacklisting even if I should (I’m emetophobic but luckily I’ve only rarely come across triggering things here) so I was not sure.Thank you for telling me!

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Anonymous ASKED: I have g//gg boobs and I find it so hard to find nice bras can you help?? I really like the ones that are like triangles if you get me but I don't think I can get them in my size I also like bras that are kinda see through but they'd need under wire can you help please xxx


If by triangles, you mean bralette, aka a bra without underwires sometimes triangle-shaped then I can suggest trying to have something custom-sized to your measurements. Etsy has a lot of independent designers. I can recommend Ohhh Lulu ( who makes some really cute and fairly priced things and is a 30FF herself.

You can also read Scarlet’s Letter (, Amber is an awesome blogger and she has a huge collection of various designers, including some wireless styles. She wears around a 34FF/32G herself so what works for her might do for you.

As for sheer bras :
- from Freya => Prefer a G over a GG, they tend to add lining in GG+ cups and they’re not quite as sheer anymore => Ooh La La, Arabella + many old styles like Lyla (look on ebay) + many cute styles for SS15
-from Claudette => Dessous
-from Gossard => Lola, Glossies
-from Mimi Holliday => I love their Maxi bras, but they’re not the most supportive and their underwires are quite narrow. It’s perfect for me, but might not be for you.
-from Ewa Michalak => If you don’t mind ordering from Poland, she has loads of full bust sheer styles at rather low prices
-from Avocado ( => Same as for Ewa Michalak
-from Fantasie => Allegra
-from Empreinte => Ludmila, Misia, Irina

I hope it helps! And any suggestion would be appreciated!

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Heart lingerie at Topshop, July 2014 (Front and Back views because it’s so cute!!) (x, x)

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Anonymous ASKED: I'm curious. What are you studying or what do u like to study? You are not in college yet, isn't?

I’ve just graduated from high school so I’m not in college yet, it’ll start in september. I’m going to study politic sciences!

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Anonymous ASKED: hey, just a tip: instead of tagging 'tw thinness' you could also or instead tag 'tw body image', because I've mostly seen people blacklist that instead of thinness. just an idea, thought id share :)

Good idea! I came up with this tag on the spur of the moment when I was asked to tag thin bodies, but this was not ideal.
So at first i’ll use both so everyone can adjust, and I’ll move on to only “tw body image” in a few weeks.
Thank you very much, anon!

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danklicious ASKED: So happy to have found your blog! Thank you thank you thank you 😍

Wow you’re welcome, thank you!

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L’Honorable by Rosy

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’Style Noir’Model: Lara StonePhotographer: Paolo RoversiVogue ItalyNovember 2009

’Style Noir’
Model: Lara Stone
Photographer: Paolo Roversi
Vogue Italy
November 2009

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