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deathbystiricide ASKED: top 5 bra favorites off the top of your head (that you've reblogged)?

I’m going to limit myself to the ones that come in my size, otherwise I’ll never be able to take a decision!

  1. Clara in Black and Gold by Panache. I just want it so bad, I don’t care if it doesn’t suit my shape (and I’m pretty sure it won’t). Top one on my wishlist.
  2. Dahlia by Panache. I just love this Art Nouveau Vibe. It would be even better if the material was better quality and if Panache’s underwires weren’t so wide.
  3. Antoinette in Black and Ruby by Masquerade. Once again, probably incompatible with my shape, but this is the Antoinette’s (and many other Masquerade designs’) last season. I’m usually not a fan of red and black but this gorgeous. I also like the Sky Blue and Charcoal version.
  4. Phoebe by Gossard. This set is just incredible. I’m so glad about the ballet trend that is starting this season and is getting stronger for SS15.
  5. Fab by Mimi Holliday. I love Mimi Holliday’s Maxi Bra, I don’t own enough pink stuffs and these knickers are perfect. The only problem for me is the price.

I’ve not posted them yet but I intend to, so :

Also here is my own collection.

Would anyone be actually interested in seeing my Wishlist for this season? I might write it anyway to organize my thoughts/budget.

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Anonymous ASKED: your personal link doesn't work...

Damn, I keep fixing it and it never works! It should be alright now.

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dizzywithadamexx ASKED: You're my new favorite! So many pretty things for us full busted ladies.:)))

Thank you, I’m glad I can help <3 !

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Anonymous ASKED: Post a selfie!x

Asked the anon

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Effrontée (32-40&#160;C-F) by Darjeeling

Effrontée (32-40 C-F) by Darjeeling

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Declaration by Wacoal

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Rockin’ Joséphine by Chantal Thomass

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Ashley Graham for Addition Elle (36-44 B-DDD) : 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 /

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Secret d&#8217;Alcove by Chantal Thomass

Secret d’Alcove by Chantal Thomass

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Virevoltante by Chantal Thomass

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